About Our Company

Company Introduction

Hosing Plastic Models (Ningbo) CO.,LTD was established in year 2000. The company provides the following products and services:

1. Designs and manufactures Flash stamps; HF pre-inked stamps (patent registration no. 6360661 in the USA), CB pre-inked stamps, rubber stamps, stock stamps, cartoon and toy stamps and common seals.

2. Sells flash ink, 3.2MM flash pads, 7MM flash pads, 4MM German From and flash stamp machines.

3. Provides customized stamp modeling

Contact us:
Tel: 86-574-8622-5508
Fax: 86-574-8622-0205
Email: cheung5508@gmail.com
Address: N0. 1/F G3-3 Xiaogang Ningbo, P.R. 315803

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